What is MangaEden?

MangaEden is our passion; A passion literally for manga; A passion for reading; A passion for removing barriers and expanding access to the translated scans. Ultimately, it's passion for FREE MANGA + FREE MINDS.

Our Goals

Our business goal is to build a unique and viable collection of manga that creates valued relationships between readers, supporters, and scanlators. ?Our community goal is to dramatically expand access to ‘drawn works’ by eliminating the economic, geographic, and logistical barriers while also ensuring certain recognition to the creators, scanlators, uploaders, and supporters of each series added to our site.

A Win-Win-Win Community

Creators (Comic-Artists, Mangakas, etc.) & Scanlators work hard to create and scanlate their manga and should receive fair compensation. We drastically try to improve their recognition by announcing their works on the site and suggesting offers to where interested viewers could gain access to more of their works. It's a win-win-win for the MangaEden SOCIETY — where each faction willingly gives a little to get something in return.

Our Funding Structure

MangaEden initiates ADS (advertisements) as the primary source to pay the servers fees (we got the best server that's why mangaeden is so fast!). Readers View MANGA for FREE. Our Advertisement-Sponsors get opportunities to establish valued recognitions with our viewers through their ads. And for willing viewers, we also accept donations (HERE). (Whether it is one-cent to one-hundred dollars is up to your consideration)

Respect for Readers & Scanlation-Groups

As manga fanatics, we admire the sanctity of manga and the purity of the reading experience. Therefore, our inclusion of scanlation-groups in the MangaEden community does not mean credit-pages are aimlessly placed in the manga. Instead, MangaEden encourages solitary manga-groups; groups who may be willingly covering the cost of a particular release or translation, and scanlates them for us. Remember that this is just for an opportunity of a ‘certain group’ to establish a meaningful connection with an appreciative reader. It is about a certain group’s scanlation, translation, and mere motivation that is earning a reader's respect by honoring their reading experience.

Respect for Publishers, Authors, & Artists

Authors, Artists, and their Publishers are at risk in the today's digital world. Their passion and hard work are often & always trivialized by us and other familiar manga communities. They identify people who view these types of sites as dishonorable; those seeking free access above fair compensation. MangaEden works to undermine this piracy by monthly announcing a respectable amount of advertisements to their Official Publishing websites. It is simply about readers respecting the payment works of scanlators & translators by supporting the authors and artists. Please support the Mangaka(s) and Publisher(s) by buying the official volumes when they're available in your area & language. When you do this, it will keep MangaEden alive & strong. Your deeds will also provide positive improvements towards the logic of our identity.